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Jeff Kauflin, JerseyPride Creator
Jeff Kauflin grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey and graduated from Ramsey High School in 2000.  He first launched JerseyPride.com in 2002, while attending Middlebury College.  It was in college that Jeff fully realized the negative perceptions that are commonly held about New Jersey. 
 At Middlebury Jeff joined forces with Mike Kirkland, a fellow student from Summit, NJ who was running a New Jersey Club called LOGS (Lovers of the Garden State).  JerseyPride.com originally began as an online home to the Middlebury-based LOGS club, and it later grew into a place dedicated to all things New Jersey. 

The goal of JerseyPride.com today is to project a positive image of NJ and tell the State’s story from the perspective of those who have lived there and gotten to know it well.  To our knowledge, the LOGS Club is still going strong at Middlebury today, although it is no longer officially affiliated with JerseyPride.com.

Aside from maintaining JerseyPride, Jeff currently works at Marketing Evolution, a Marketing Research & Consulting company in New York City.  Jeff would like to thank IDEAS, Inc. for generously hosting JerseyPride.com for many years, free of charge. 

Mike Kirkland
Mike Kirkland, LOGS Founder
Since graduating from Middlebury (a couple times), Michael has lived in Long Island and Colorado, teaching tennis and skiing for 5 years up until spring 2009 when he opened up his own small business running adult sports leagues and events. 
Six Pack Sports is a coed sports league based in Denver, Colorado which focuses on unique sports (such as broomball and innertube water polo) and the social aspect of sports leagues with end-of-season parties, awards, video highlights, all-star games and more (sixpacksportsleague.com). 

Michael hopes to settle down in Jersey one day, but in the meantime he returns home to Jersey several times a year (including for the annual DecAvalon olympiad he hosts in Avalon every August) and continues to be an enthusiastic ambassador of Jersey Pride wherever he goes!


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