Anti-New Jersey Sentiment

Advertisement in a New York City subway, for a comedic TV program airing on Channel Thirteen (photo taken in January, 2009)
“I will sign up for your newsletter as long as you only hate New Jersey.  Please visit my site at where, in my book, I confess my putrid hatred for that f@#$ing state.”
- J.A. from Jefferson City, MO

“I was born in New Jersey and I still live here, since I’m in college. I really do not like the state at all. When I get settled down, I want to move to Southern California.The reasons I don’t like NJ is: many people are rude, you pay a ton of money to live here and get nothing special in return, car insurance is outrageous, the beaches suck and you have to pay to get on them, and the weather is horrible: in July, it’s 100 degrees and humid and by December, it’s 20 degrees and snowing. The state has nothing to offer.”
- Anonymous


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