Reasons to Love NJ

  1. Beautiful beaches – New Jersey shore
  2. Atlantic City – casinos and entertainment
  3. Proximity to the greatest city in the world, NYC, without having to deal with the expense and stress of actually living in the city
  4. Several mountain ranges, countless hiking trails
  5. 24-hour diners
  6. Full serve gas stations
  7. Least expensive gas in the country
  8. Diverse changing of seasons, favorable weather
  9. New Jersey has the most diverse ecosystem of any state in the country with mountains, seashore, farmland, forests and wetlands.
  10. Gorgeous state parks
  11. Excellent public school education
  12. 89% of all high school students graduate in NJ. This is the highest graduation rate in the entire country.
  13. Hoboken – hip town in NJ right across the river from NYC – boasts the most bars per square mile in the entire country
  14. 9 professional sports teams (good sports teams, taboot) whose stadiums rest within close proximity
  15. NJ Hospitals offer some of the best health care in the country
  16. NJ is the Medical and Pharmaceutical Research Center of the World
  17. Strong high school sports (most notably football)
  18. The Jets and Giants play home games in NJ
  19. Highest rated Great Adventure (“Six Flags”) in the country
  20. Rich regional history
  21. Boasts some of the most valuable real estate in the country
  22. Beautiful gardens
  23. NJ has 800 lakes and ponds and 1400 miles of prime trout streams
  24. 2nd richest state in the nation, with a median household income of $55,146
  25. 26 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in New Jersey
  26. 71% of New Jerseyites own their own home; the average home in NJ costs $201,600.
  27. NJ is the “Research Center of the World,” largely due to Bell Labs in Murray Hill, one of the foremost research labs in the world. With 26,000 patents, it has averaged one per day since it was founded in 1926.
  28. Several ski areas, getting 3-4 feet of snow in the mountains
  29. Pinelands National Preserve – the largest wilderness area east of the Mississippi River, with more than 1 million acres of undisturbed forest
  30. Delicious pizza, bagels, Italian, and Chinese food
  31. Highly acclaimed fresh produce (sweet corn, tomatoes, blueberries, etc.)
  32. Home to top notch universities, including Princeton and Rutgers
  33. Great shopping malls
  34. NJ is the only “New” state that can be recognized without the “New” part of its name. (Have you ever heard an American say he lives in York? or Hampshire? I think not).
  35. There is no sales tax on clothing.


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